Good communication between colleagues that belong to the same team is key

Some years ago, me and a colleague were coached by two great professionals of our company. I used to pass some days during the week with one of them, and my colleague with the other.

One of the lessons they wanted to transmit us was the importance of great communication between colleagues. They used to talk every day, and share relevant information about different topics, meetings, or events they had participated in or discovered during the day. While they were coaching us, they used to talk about us too.

Each day, my coach used to ask me relevant information and things that my colleague did the previous day, and tease me:

— “Ooops! Don’t you know this? Weird! Is this not important for you?”

My colleague was asked similar questions about me by his coach.

At the beginning, our coaches were better informed than us about topics that were relevant for us, and not for them, because they communicated a lot. After two or three times falling in the same error, my colleague and me started talking more and starting sharing relevant information every day. Very fast, we were better informed than our coaches about relevant things for us.

Since then, I like to share with my colleagues relevant information in every opportunity I have. I think it is very important that the communication within a team is very fluid and intense. Sometimes it is difficult and I have to do an effort to share something: “What am I going to share today?” Always there is something relevant.

In my opinion, when there is good communication, all members of a team should know everything that is relevant for them, and about the team, before anyone else.

Do your colleagues know what things relevant for them you did yesterday? Do you know what things that are relevant for you your colleagues did yesterday?

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